Bathroom renovations require a good deal of brainstorming on various aspects such as the list of essentials for the bathroom which includes a good sized bath tub, the type of showerhead, amount of storage space, type of cabinets to store the bathroom items and so on. These are some of the things which need to be kept in mind while renovating the bathroom.


A three colour scheme involves a main, secondary and accent colour. The main colour should be used on most of the surfaces, the secondary colour should be used on the walls and cabinets while the accent colour should be used on a major place or three places in the bathroom. The combination of blue and white is desirable. The combination of yellow and white looks on a wooden surface. The walls should not be painted in a light colour if they are the objects of main focus.


Ceramic, stone tiles and marbles are water resistant and are durable. Hardwood floors provide warmth unlike the other types of flooring.


An open shower area is good because it excludes the need for a door or curtain as is required for a conventional shower stall.

In addition to the above features the cabinets can also be recessed into the wall which not only saves space but also increases the storage space. Bathroom renovations can be done without exceeding the budget by simple ideas such as laying new tiles over the existing ones and using white fixtures which are less expensive than the dark ones.