Dining room tables and chairs in a modern dining room setting are required to be sophisticated and equally alluring. There are many such tables and chairs available which apart from being solid and durable are stylish and elegant.


Dining tables: Style Spa fiesta dining table, Style Spa six seater dining table with dark finish, Particle Board space saving smart dining table, Style Spa Bahamas eight seater dining table, Small ply and lamination dining table, Cello prompt dining table, Fine Finish dining room table with two cms. Thick top, Cello Eden dining table, Mars dining table with a marble top, Extendable dining table, Zoya dining table with marble top, Dining table in natural Sheesham finish, Square wooden dining table, Mango dining table, Halera dining table, Cappucino dining table with marble top, Spider leg dining table, Dining table in walnut light finish, Dining table in provincial teak finish and Dining table in colonial maple finish.

Dining chairs: Style Spa frost dining chair, Style Spa Midland dining chair with dark finish, Style Spa Bahamas dining room chair with honey brown finish, Cello metallo dining chair, Houten chair, Walnut chair, Elmond dining chair, Dining chair in passion Mahogany finish, Filets chair, Solid wooden dining chair, Hilton dining chair, Bali dining chair, Verja chair, Morocco dining chair, Chair in provincial teak finish, Dining chair cum ladder, Dining chair in  natural Sheesham, Horizontal strips dining chair and Cushion Dublin dining chair.

These were some of the various dining room tables and chairs.